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Letters and Sounds

Letters and Sounds is a resource we use in school to support the systematic teaching of phonics.

The programme is split into six Phases. Your child's class teacher will be able to tell you the Phase your child is working at. 

Below you will find links to our pages for each Phase. For each Phase there is a brief explanation of what your child will be taught within that Phase. There is then a selection of 'flash cards', record sheets, reading lists and games to support your child in learning the key skills taught within the Phase. 

If you require any additional support or advice, please come into school and speak with your child's class teacher or our Literacy Leader, Mrs Morris.


Hear Each Letter Sound


Parents often ask how to 'say' each letter sound that we teach. Click HERE to find out.



Year 1 Phonics Screening Check

The Year 1 Phonics Screening Check is a national check of children's phonic knowledge that all children in England are required to complete. The check takes place during one week in June (the DFE inform schools when this will be). 

The check requires children to read a list of forty words to their teacher. This is done 'one to one' in a quiet place. The results of the check are reported to families at the end of Year 1 (along with your child's annual report). 

A threshold (usually around 32 marks out of 40) is set each year. Children who do not meet the threshold will be provided with extra support in Year 2. They will then take the check again at the end of Year 2 and the result will, again, be reported to families.

An example of the check published by the Department for Education can be viewed below.

Example Screening Check



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