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All the latest school news on Covid-19

Friday 22 May, 12.15 pm

Dear Parent and Carers ,

Notification of postponed school opening from Monday 1 June,

Since the Prime Minister’s announcement on the 10th May, to gradually re-open schools in England from 1st June, our staff have been working hard to ensure all provisions are in place to keep our staff and children safe by reducing the risk of virus transmission.

I would like to reassure you that all our planned safety and protective measures have been put in place and we are continuing to review our risk assessments. We have the necessary protective equipment, additional cleaning supplies and our classrooms and corridors have been adjusted to ensure risk of transmission is reduced.

The school has never closed. Our staff are already working to strict plans to meet the needs of our students who are attending school at the moment; these are the children of key workers and vulnerable children. New guidance is issued daily from the Government and the Local Authorities.

With this in mind, we want to ensure that when we do extend our opening offer, it is in line with the Local Authority and Government guidance.

From Monday 1 June, we will continue to offer provision to the children of critical workers as considered appropriate. We need to ensure that we can safely support the transition of our students back into school, keep to the guidance and develop capacity to get this right which is our rationale for not providing a wider service at this time.

Regardless of the guidance, the safety of your child and our staff comes first.
Our offer of places is dependent upon our capacity to be able to educate children safely. We call this our ‘capacity’ and it includes factors such as class size, room size, staff availability and specialist support. We factor into this health, safety and welfare when reviewing our capacity and our opening strategy.

Our plan is to review the situation on Monday 8 June in light of any further Government guidance.

Yours sincerely,

Alan Brown