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Uniform Information

Uniform Policy




Through this policy we aim to:


Ensure that within our school we wish to promote an atmosphere which encourages effort, enjoyment and a celebration of the achievements of all our pupils. The school’s concern for these high standards is also reflected in the pride we take in our school uniform and the feeling of belonging that it creates. We also believe that school uniform prevents the inevitable loss of self-esteem caused to individual children should a family not be able or willing to provide the newest, most expensive or fashionable clothing and equipment. The Governing body will respect variations to our school uniform if they are directly related to established religious or cultural traditions. However, any variation will be dealt with on an individual basis and judgments will remain at the discretion of the Principal and the Governing Body.



In order to maintain a strong sense of identity and belonging within our school, we require all pupils to wear school uniform which consists of;

  • Green (jade or emerald green preferred) sweat shirt or cardigan – with or without the school logo; our current supplier
  • White polo shirt / shirt
  • Black or dark grey trousers – no jeans or jogging bottoms please
  • Black or dark grey skirt
  • Grey pinafore
  • Black shoes which are flat, sensible, safe shoes which cover the toes – not sandals please


Warm weather / Summer Options

  • Black or dark grey shorts
  • Green and white gingham dresses
  • A cap to protect from the sun


We reserve the right to ask children to wear a piece of school clothing if they repeatedly come to school out of uniform. We will always communicate with parents to let them know that this has happened.


PE Kit

  • T-shirt (Green or white)
  • Plain black shorts
  • Jogging bottoms and sweatshirt in colder months
  • Trainers


We ask children to wear their PE kit to school on the days they have PE lessons. This is popular with children, reduces instances of misplaced clothing and often saves learning time.


Purchase of Uniform


Our uniform has been kept simple to try to avoid unnecessary expense.


All the items above are readily available from the high street and the school sells sweatshirts, cardigans and PE t-shirts with our school logo embroidered on them. Children do not have to wear branded clothing. Unbranded (plain) green (emerald/jade green preferred) sweatshirts, cardigans and t-shirts are absolutely acceptable. If you wish to purchase uniform from the school, please contact the school office who will be happy to help.


Second Hand Uniform


We keep some items of used uniform in school. Please ask at the school office if you would like to look at our stock of used school uniform.


At Parent Teacher consultations (October and February/March) and other school events, we often have a selection of previously-loved uniform which is available for parents or carers to take.


If you ever wish to donate any uniform that your child has grown out of, you are welcome to donate it to school if you think someone else could enjoy wearing it.


Uniform in Mini-Models and Nursery

We do not expect our youngest children (in Mini-Models and Nursery classes) to wear uniform.  However, most parents do find it beneficial to start children in uniform to help form good habits for the future. This includes the school sweatshirts or cardigans, grey or black trousers, dresses, skirts and white polo t-shirts, shirts or blouses. 

Children who are in the Early Years are encouraged to wear practical clothing, like jogging bottoms or leggings, especially if they are still toilet training.




  • Pupils must not wear jewellery to school, especially as individuals become very upset if a treasured piece of jewellery goes missing. Jewellery can also prove to be dangerous. Should a pupil have pierced ears, plain studs should only be worn and in order to comply with health and safety regulations, must be removed for PE or covered with tape only during the first six weeks after piercing.
  • Body piercing is not acceptable and must not be worn for school.
  • Please note that the school will be unable to take any responsibility for any jewellery

that is lost.



  • Watches may be worn to school.
  • Please note that the school will be unable to take any responsibility for any watches

             that are lost.


Make Up

  • No make-up or nail varnish should be worn on nails or toes
  • No false nails to be worn
  • Please note children are not permitted to come to school with dyed hair.



All the items above are readily available from the high street – if parents and carers find

It difficult to obtain any item, please contact the school. Our uniform has been kept

simple to avoid unnecessary expense. We expect all pupils to follow the dress code as written above.


Role of the Principal and Governing Body

  • The Principal to ensure that pupils comply with the uniform policy agreed by the governing     body.
  • The Principal has a duty to enforce the school uniform throughout the school community, as part of the duty within maintenance of day to day discipline in the school.
  • The Governing body should be receptive to any reasonable complaint from parents or carers concerning uniform, handling it respectfully, considering fully the issues they raise. Governors should aim to work with parents to arrive at a mutually acceptable outcome.


Role of the Parents/Guardians

  • To ensure that their child / children adhere to the school’s uniform policy.
  • Ensure that they come to school in uniform everyday unless there are special circumstances such as Christmas parties or charity fund raising.
  • Parents and carers should raise any complaints about the school uniform and dress codes with the Principal


Racial Equality & Equal Opportunities

  • All children have equal access to wearing school uniform regardless of their culture, race, religion, gender, disability or ability. We ensure that the set uniform respects other policies such as Race relations, sex discrimination and allows for individual sets of circumstances of all groups and individuals. We are committed to creating a positive climate that will enable everyone to work free
  • from racial intimidation and harassment and to achieve their full potential.

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